Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a princess who hardly ever shopped. But one day, she found the perfect little rug for her house. It was so perfect that she bought two, one for the back door and one for the front door. She was so happy.

Prince Charming came home from work and they were happily eating dinner. The royal dog barfed in a giant, noisy pile in the middle of the princess' new rug near the back door, which was within smelling distance of the kitchen table. The princess said to Prince Charming, "Oh, I bought new rugs today. What do you think? I loved them up until about a minute ago."

The Charmings hosed off the new rug that didn't smell so new any more. Then they lived happily ever after.

The End.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Who knew dog barf on a rug was the key to everlasting happiness????

Nicole said...

I just got my son's carpet professionally cleaned...

and it still smells.

But someday all the rugs in my home with be perfectly cleaned b/c my little guy will be all grown up- and I'll be sad,

I'm hoping that he will always come back home and dirty up the house :)

ca sister said...

My dear Queen Berry,
You are the only woman I know who can turn a dog throwing up on brand new rugs into a funny story. I'd be stomping my feet and hollering words of frustration. I love your perspective!
Yours truly,
CA Sister
PS Nature's Miracle REALLY is a miracle! It can take out any nasty stink.

#2 said...

Yes, any kind of barf will bring you happiness forever. Just the fact that you'll clean someone else's vomit is a sure sign you love them.

Fortunately, I bought the coolest bamboo rugs, and hosing them off did the trick and they look like new again!

Oh, but I did say something I shouldn't have, based on the five year old parrot that said later, "oh, dammit." just for the heck of it.