Monday, May 19, 2008

Deep Breathing

We had a last-minute small gathering of friends here last night. When I say small, I mean 24 people. But half of them were small.

It was fun, the weather perfect for slip-n-slide, water balloons and root beer floats, none of which I provided for the party, which is one of the reasons that you should always make sure that you have great friends. That, and last minute runs to the grocery store for cheese and no one complaining aloud at the fact that your bathroom didn't smell like pinesol.

As much as I pride myself on being low-key, no stress, the party will be fun no matter what, I found myself at the end, trying very, very hard to not freak out.

There was mud on my carpet, water all over the floor, water balloon pieces all over my grass, at least a dozen flies in my house, my dog ate two burgers and the kitchen was a disaster. None of these things even made me blink twice. None of them bothered me a bit.

BUT. BUT. There was recycling in my trash. Lots of it. Partially my fault, because I didn't put a recycling bin out next to the trash, but no joke, I had to take deep breaths as I walked by so that I wouldn't dig my hands into that trash can and pull out every bottle and can in there.

I had no idea that it would affect me that way. Can we say, issues?


Nicole said...

Hey! You are just a good conscientious mother!!

Glad the party went well- I don't consider that a small party- congrats !!!!!!

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Wow. You pulled that off?!? Awesome! You're a fun mom. And yeah, just stick a recycling thing next to your trash next time and people will get the point. And if not, you could dig for it if it's that important to you. I mean, you *know* what was thrown out right. Not like anyone was putting anything *really* nasty in there. ;)