Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm a photoshop wannabe. I want to learn it so badly, no just so that I can make myself ten pounds lighter. Or twenty, whatever. I wanted to make one of those Andy Warhol pop art pictures out of a picture of my dog, and I failed miserably. Miserably. I couldn't even get four of the same picture on one page. It was that bad.

So I start small. I started with a scanner, really. And I started by finding an old picture frame in the closet with no end of junk. I took pictures of the five places that Sarge and I have lived since we married and scanned them. All except for the recent house, which belongs in the digital age.

I cropped them to make them all artistic-like, because, quite honestly, we've never lived in an architectural wonder. And besides, I needed them to be vertical and all the pictures were horizontal. I turned them all black and white.

And that is the extent of my current Photoshop knowledge. And now I have this:

I'd crop it and enlarge it for you, if only I knew how.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

That's really cool!!! What are you talking about that you can't figure it out!! Great job!

ca sister said...

You rock, baby!

I've got a picture of a rabbit from our spring break trip and just took a photo of a Cadbury Creme Egg... any guesses as to what I'm now trying to do? Didn't you ever wonder where chocolate eggs came from? The kids think it's funny. Yeah. In over my head, I think. I need the fiveberries photoshop lesson!