Sunday, April 20, 2008


The oldest child had a sleepover. His friend kept trying to find things that he could use to embarass him at school next week.

His mom calls him silly names and uses baby talk to him? Score! Only notsomuch, because we do it as a joke, and I've done it to him in front of school. Darn.

Favorite stuffed animal? Score! Only notsomuch, because it's his mascot, and he's made no bones about that to anyone he's ever met.

I love that my child is so secure with himself and who he is and what he loves that he can't be embarassed by his friends. I only hope that we can continue that well into the teenage years.

The middle one? Notsomuch. I'm at a total loss with that one and the ball of insecurities that she carries everywhere with her.

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