Friday, April 4, 2008

The Tornado Closet, formerly known as the Secret Pie Hole

I've been on a decluttering fling lately, and my most recent attack was on the giant closet full of junk under the stairs. Honestly, it's a huge closet, and it had become my dumping ground for all things I didn't know what to do with. And there were a lot of them.

But I hit a little stall, and currently everything that was in that closet is now in my front entry and office, as I still don't know what to do with all of it, but I just know I don't want it back in that closet. In fact I refuse to put it back in that closet (though I'm tempted to just fling it in the garage. Is that cheating?).

As luck would have it, this week has been the week of tornado watches and warnings. Something about dry lines and cold fronts, I don't know, all I know is that suddenly children show up in my bed. And proceed to fall asleep and flail about.

I have lived in Texas for 11 years now, and just had my first opportunity to sit in a closet while the tornado sirens went off. While watching TV with bunny ears, because you know the satellite never works as soon as it rains.

But while I was listening to friends recount the next day about being squished into their pantries or multiple wiggly children in a bathtub, I was ever so grateful for all the junk that was no longer in my closet under the stairs. We had warning, so I sent the children upstairs to get pillows and blankets and their favorite stuffed animals and a flashlight. And because there was virtually nothing in the closet-as-big-as-my-last-house, we had quite a party. Even the dog came! In fact, long after the sirens had subsided and the sun had come out, the younger two children demanded that I shut the door so they could play tornado.

In summary, my first experience with a tornado closet was a little disappointing. But I'm thinking that the closet would be a good place to store my home owner's insurance policy. You know, since I don't have anything else to put in that closet.

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