Monday, April 28, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Please, learn from my mistake.

Do not eat a giant piece of delicious cake, a large glass of milk while watching Dirty Jobs at the Dairy Farm. And then sit and watch Jon & Kate plus 8 where they are all throwing up.

It will make you feel queasy.

BUT, if you are looking to go on a diet and want the entire idea of food to turn your stomach? Then you should definitely watch Bizarre Foods. I give all the thanks for that gem to my Father-In-Law. Who, oddly enough, is the most squeamish person ever, but takes great glee in watching this man choke down the most disgusting parts of animals ever invented. And if you think that you can come up with the grossest, you are wrong. He eats things that you haven't thought of - even if you are a nine year old boy.

Thanks to that horrible show, when the children ask what we are having for dinner, the standard reply is "Jellied Moose Nose. Any questions?" It's like a trainwreck - you want to stop watching so badly, but you just can't.

Now that my PSA is over, I'll now take my churning stomach off to bed now.

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