Tuesday, April 8, 2008

healthcare: SOLVED!

We were having a rousing political discussion at the dinner table the other night, and we were discussing the benefits and drawbacks to each candidates healthcare solution. I know, right? And the funny part was that it was the children who started it. And finished it.

Without getting into politics too much, our explanation was fairly simple. People don't want to pay a lot for healthcare, but they have high expectations for what doctors and hospitals should do.

The littlest suggested, "why don't we keep it the same, but have the doctors and hospitals charge LOWER." Complete with hand motion.

He might not be able to read, but he can solve the world's problems over pasta.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

I hope littlest has a plan to lower malpractice insurance rates too or a cut in pay won't go over very well for this healthcare family.

#2 said...

I'm sure that if we brought that up, that he would suggest that we rid the world of frivolous lawsuits. That would be first on the list. And then we'll solve world peace.

ca sister said...

I hope he's running for something in my state in about 30 years!