Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Giving away all my secrets

Granny came to visit this weekend.

And, as we ALL (right? right? please?) do when we have company, we clean up. We vacuum, we clean up toys, we wash all the dishes, we shovel out the minivan. Or at least take it to the industrial vacuums, but when we run out of quarters, we call it "good enough," or "my gosh, it's going to cost more to vacuum it than it's worth if I don't stop"

The children took great delight in letting their Granny know at every turn that they had been forced to clean before her visit, and Daddy had to take the minivan to a special place to vacuum it because our vacuum wasn't good enough for our van.

As much as I might like to pretend, after thirteen years, I think that Granny knows that we have to clean up before she gets here, even though when she gets here she's pretty sure that we live like pigs. Even though she'd never, ever say it.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

HA HA HA. I hate when kids give away family secrets. And they wonder why we don't talk about "important" things in front of them!

Deb said...

I'm so glad my kid can't really talk yet.

Found you on BlogHer. You have a fun blog!

Anonymous said...

I've always heard it said that your home is your castle. I had the most wonderful time visiting in your castle this past weekend.

Also the saying that LOVE makes a house a home. So I feel truly blessed to have been in a home filled with so much love for me and each other.

Until I figure out how to get my own signature name, I'll just keep using:

ca sister said...

Growing up, I had more than one friend comment on how much love they felt in our house. It wasn't tidy either (sorry green.barn!), but it was a good place to be. Your home is that way. I hope mine is (it sure isn't neat either!).

And, I've learned that if the kids know, it isn't really a secret!

Nicole said...

ahh- yes.

I just had a professional cleaning service come and clean my carpets... we've been in this house 4 years and I always thought my computer room carpet was tan... IT"S WHITE! UGH!