Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Forced Advertising Rant

First, it was the grocery store, then I'm stuck on an airplane, listening. Listening to what they want me to hear without the ability to turn it down or walk away. Seatbelts fastened, my friends.

My philosophy on television and radio has always been that if I don't like what I'm listening to, then I'll change the station. There's no need to get mad or freak out, just change the station. This time, it was impossible.

I had 60 hours (not that I was counting!) away from little people talking to me, and I was ready to think my own thoughts and *gasp!* read a book! But here I was, listening to advertising from Visa and the airline. I worried that it would go on the whole flight. I dreaded the return trip.

Thankfully, it was only about 15 minutes. And the return airplane didn't have any televisions assaulting my eardrums. But I'll think twice before I book another flight on that airline. And besides, they didn't have any Dr Pepper.

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