Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Car shopping.

My van just hit 150,000 miles. Although I plan on keeping it another 50,000 miles (unless it needs another transmission), we had some time and thought it would be fun to peek in new cars.

Not fun.

My problem is that I'd love to drive something small and zippy and fun. Problem is that I have too many people to drive around. And too many demands, other than "what you love" and "what you can afford", which is what my husband received when he was car shopping. Like four other people, and long legs in the back seat (eventually) and curtains. Lots and lots of curtains. Oh, and groceries to help grow the long legs.

We started by looking at the fun, adorable car that I would have driven away with that day if I'd had my way (not really, I promise, but oh boy, I sat in it awhile). Then we looked at a car a little larger. Then a little larger. Then larger still. Then, oh, hey, let's look at the biggest vehicle on the lot! Lovely! I will park at the edge of town and walk the rest of the way, because I can't park it any closer without running into something!

Gah. Three kids. Car that will last 10 years (through the teenage years- oh heavens.). That I can park. That I can afford. Non-existent.

Listen up, car manufacturers -- you have about three years. Get to work. Make it happen.


ca sister said...

Don't you miss those big boats of the '70s?!?

Hey... if you think about it, parking the back bumper of a BIG car at the edge of town may just be the closest you can actually park... your front bumper is already there.

Spoken by one who drives one. I wish I could get rid of it. We just need it WAAAAAAAY too often. Sigh.

#2 said...

I just keep trying to convince myself that we can make it work with a giant pickup truck and a little Toyota Matrix. It's not happening for me though. In just the last two weeks, I can think of five separate people that I wouldn't have been able to transport because of capacity issues.

I'm going to have to resign myself to another ten years of a minivan. I'm just not there yet.

Green Tractor said...

What was that "fun and adobable" car?

#2 said...

Toyota Matrix - the guy even tried to sell me a Scion, but I'm just not cool enough. But the Matrix/Pontiac Vibe is just adorable - just like ME! (kidding, people, kidding)

AZ Sister said...

I still miss Greta my little Green Golf....

I see the value in a large car, especially with our newly expanding family, but it really hurts when I fill it with gas. AND, I live in the state with the cheapest gas in the nation! should be expandable - big when you need it and small when you don't.