Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I was surprised the other day when I spoke to some other mothers and expressed my concern over the weather and how it could affect voting.

Both of the women flippantly said that they weren't going to vote, that they didn't like any of the choices.


It doesn't matter if you don't like any of those choices, because ONE of them is going to be the president for four years. None of them are perfect for anyone, but one's got to be better for you and your lifestyle choices and beliefs. Their choices and actions will affect our daily lives while they are in office.

I know I'm late, but voting is a right that we take for granted in this country. We've never known anything different, and we don't know how lucky we are to be allowed to make this choice for our country. And a lot of women before us fought really hard for us to be allowed to even make that choice.

So, yeah, voting is important. And I totally did it two weeks ago! And didn't even have to wait (except for my husband. who was slow. and was my ride.)


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Well, some people just shouldn't vote, ya know? Like the woman I heard telling a friend, "I'm going to vote for Hillary because she is a woman."
She could not give her friend any more information than that. Had NO idea what the issues were. But because she had a va-jay-jay, that was good enough for her. (sigh)

#2 said...

I know, I know. My dad thinks the same thing. Of course, he'd prefer it if everyone who didn't agree with him just didn't vote!