Thursday, March 27, 2008

Um. Wow.

Being that we live in the same city that my husband works, sometimes we'll meet him for lunch while he's on duty. Sometimes it's just me, sometimes one or several of the children join us. Today was no different, it was the two of us and the littlest one.

I've gotten used to the stares. Mostly, I think that it's curiosity about the uniform that my husband wears. He has at least 38 things hanging off of him or his shirt in someway, and they are all curious and mysterious things, sometimes forbidden, or in pouches that hide what they are. I also think that there is a curiosity about the man and his family, how he is as a HUMAN. And the fact that he is a human. And why the woman and children aren't intimidated by this person. But seriously, people STARE.

Now, I have to say, my husband is the consummate professional. He'll hug or hold his children while in uniform, but won't even hold my hand - he sees it as unprofessional, and I respect that. Apparently, today, someone noticed that we were together, however.

Sarge went to pay for his meal, and the manager kept asking if we were together. We always pay separately on such occasions, because this is one of those places that give him a discount, and we don't want them to feel in anyway that we think that the discount should be applied to anyone but him. We explained that we were paying separately. He kept asking if I was his family.

You see, when Sarge tried to pay, the manager explained that a prior patron had paid for his meal. And then, as I tried to pay, the manager explained that the patron wanted to pay for the officer's family as well. I blushed. I stammered. I said thank you at least a thousand times. I was FLOORED.

I get that there are more people who appreciate the fact that my husband does his job than who try to keep him from doing it. And for that I am so grateful. But to anonymously give us a meal, his family, has just taken hold of my heart.


Anonymous said...

What an uplifting kindness. My thanks and appreciation to the one who chose this opportunity to bless a family with such thoughtfulness.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

How WONDERFUL!! I think it's just awesome that people would take the time (and the $) to do that for all of you!

We tried to do this at a pizza shop once. We were eating and 4 obviously very poor women came in. They were counting their change to figure out what they could afford. They were making choices that were just sad...."I really want the bread, but I think I'll get the soup because it's warmer."

We called the manager over and told her we were paying but we wanted it to be TOTALLY anonymous. We didn't want to embarrass the women.

So the manager strolls over, points to us, and tells the women "This nice family is paying for your meal today."


Deb said...

Mmm... The idea of it brings tears to my eyes.

Found you on BlogHer.

Melody said...

How very touching! Sometimes we need a little affirmation that there are still good people in the world, huh?

Kristen M. said...

Great story.