Monday, March 31, 2008

Smarter than her Mother

"Mommy, I know you're not coming up to kiss us after we're asleep. You're supposed to kiss me before you sleep, when you're in you jammies."

How does she know? Is she practicing for motherhood? Psychic? Now she knows my lazy.

You see, after all was quiet upstairs, she was turning on her bedside light. And then falling asleep, knowing that I'd turn it off if I saw it. When she woke in the morning and it was still on, I was outed.

Smart little stinker.


green.barn said...

I checked on my beloved children every night before I went to bed, kissing them and telling them how beautiful they were (are) and how much I loved them, knowing that it would seep into their little brains and give them self confidence to go out into the world and so what they must do. Did it work? I don't know - I hope so - snyway it was my joy to do that, because they were so beautiful and I loved them so much.

I did it until they stayed awake longer than I did - I wasn't about to set my alarm clock for 2:00AM! I wonder if they ever did it to me?

green.barn said...

By the way - you have a budding scientist or attorney on your hands. Take nothing for granted, qestion everything, and above all, get proof! There's a girl who likes control, who will be a wonderful mother.