Friday, March 21, 2008


The middle child and I went shopping the other day. They boys were with dad watching a very boy-ish movie, so she piped up that she wanted to go to the fabric store with me. We had a limited amount of time, but we headed to a clothing store after the fabric store. For fun.

You see, I despise purchasing clothing for that child. She hates everything except mismatched, stained clothing. I can't seem to get an adorable outfit on her. She'll wear something once, then refuse to wear it again, so then I can't return it. It frustrates me to NO END.

So I took her in there, hoping to get an insight into what she likes and what she wants, what strikes her fancy. So we lived it up. First, we went to the shoe department and she tried on all kinds of shoes in MY size. All kinds that I would never own, but that she'd LOVE to stomp around the house in. Then we headed to the kid's section. We picked out about 11 outfits, then headed to the dressing room. She'd never been in a dressing room. I offered to let her do a little catwalk/fashion show with each outfit, but she turned me down.

She tried them ALL on. She loved it.

We had a budget set, so I had her pick her favorites, in number order. There was a first choice, then we went down her numbers, adding up the prices until we got to our budget. Then we stopped. She was the happiest little girl in the world.

I'm of two minds. First, I can't believe that it took me six years to figure out that I should take her with me shopping and let her try clothes on at the store. I think I've allowed my distaste for clothes shopping and dressing rooms cloud her shopping life. But on the other hand, I'm a little worried about how much she loved it. I hope I don't create a monster! But seriously, how big a monster can you create at TJMaxx?

She wore her first pick today, all day, and begged me to wash the rest of her new clothes tonight. And when Sarge came home from work, he complimented her on what a great choice she made and how much he loved the dress she was wearing. So totally worth it, honestly. And I can't wait to do it again. Which is saying something, because I HATE clothes shopping.


Nilz said...

Your story is no different than mine. I watch out female shoppers in local Deptt. stores, and they are impossible, never satisfied, and more surprisingly never lack in enthusiasm to research on every outfits and finally to stumble upon some strange ones with victorious laughter in their face - "Got it!".

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until I get a turn at this shopping experience with the middle one. You know how I love to shop!! Im even looking forward to shopping with the boys.

I know what we will probably do one day of vacation this summer!!!

Can't shop without having a fun time eating out at a favorite place.

Summer seems so far away.