Monday, March 17, 2008

painfully boring.

Here we are. It's spring break. My children aren't being very interesting. They are playing nicely, behaving and getting along (and I never should have typed that. I'll regret it in the morning).

I even let them have friends over. Twice. Nothing. They all got along swimmingly.

I brought them to the Dallas Museum of Art. We got barked at one time to hold the little one's hand and one time he set off an alarm. Nothing more. They actually had good manners and appreciated the art. I think even more so than their mother. The littlest one's favorite was this giant blue styrofoam-looking sculpture of a person looking down at a tiny person. I think it spoke to him. The middle one thought that the naked sculptures were funny and gross. "WHY IS HE SHOWING HIS PEE-NUS?" In all capitals. And no, that couch is not for sitting on. Mostly they appreciated the little cell phones they give you that you can dial in and hear someone talk about the art. And then not listen.

But seriously, we brought them to a real art museum for over four hours.

I brought the older two to Target. They were fun. They helped me to remember dishwasher detergent. That could have been a disaster.

We went shoe shopping. No one had a temper tantrum. Everyone has shoes that fit that do not have holes in them. The middle one got "fancy" shoes that have a little heel and make noise when she walks. They also require painted toenails. She's in heaven. But I had to explain that she couldn't wear them with her ratty pants with two patches on each knee, a two year old T-shirt and a fancy hand-me-down denim jacket. It just wasn't speaking to me.

I know I'll regret all this tomorrow, but honestly, I'm not sure that I like this stage they're going through. There's no challenge here. I know, I know, be careful what you wish for. Because we're only on our first day of Spring Break, and there's three more museums planned, and it's supposed to rain tomorrow.


Just Can't Make That Woman Happy

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