Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ME vs. Cereal Bugs, round 3,753,466,359,252

I don't know the technical term for them, but we call them cereal bugs, because my poor babies have gotten to the point where they just scoop them out of their cereal and keep eating.

Not long after we moved here about two years ago, we apparently brought home a food with these charming critters in them. And it's been a fiesta in my pantry ever since. For them. Not us.

They're not too big, maybe 1/8 inch. But they're everywhere.

This time, I got serious. We'd had a lovely break over the winter, while the house was apparently too cold for them, but as the weather has warmed, along with our pantry, the cereal bugs have returned. In the crackers, in the cereal, in the pasta.

I found a lovely box of macaroni and cheese that I could have used as a strainer, it had so many holes in it from our friends. I found them in the corn starch. I threw away a bunch of tea, because I couldn't tell the difference between a cereal bug and a tea leaf. All of my oatmeal and pasta are now living a frigid life in my freezer. Everything is now in a plastic container or in a plastic bag. The rest of the stuff we actually eat is on the kitchen counter. I eye the shelves every day to see if any of our friends are searching.

The bugs are clearly unhappy. They are branching out to look for food - upstairs. Directly above the pantry is the kids bathroom, (I know this because of the flood in my kitchen when the bathroom plumbing was leaking. Lovely.) and the bugs are hunting up there, unsuccessfully, so far - you'll know if I start calling them toothpaste bugs, though, whether they've taken up residence.

I expect this round to be a KO. I am so fed up with them. Though I'll have to find a new source of protein for the children.


Melody said...

UGH! We had moths for the longest time. All our food had moth larvae and moths were all over the walls - everywhere!! No matter what I did - I couldn't get rid of them. When we moved, I threw away avery last bit of food we owned - It was the only way...

I feel your pain!

#2 said...

You had to MOVE OUT? Shoot. I'm so out of my league on this one!

My neighbor suggested a bug bomb thingie, but I'm thinking that's not going to add any value to all that organic food!

Melody said...
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Melody said...

Well, we didn't HAVE to move - LOL, but when we did, I threw all the food out - except what was in the fridge. They even managed to get into the jars we have for our birds food (Which is how I think they got in to begin with).

I've since found traps for them, but if the kid of bugs you have are those little black weevil bugs instead, I'm not sure what would get rid of them. I'm a Google nerd, I'll see if I can figure it out! LOL!

Oh, and I sent your invite for our Texas bloggers group!

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