Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How Spring Break Kicked My Butt

Really, it was fun. We museumed, we played. At one point on Friday there were seven children in my house.

But on Monday morning, I was so looking forward to going to the fabric store ALL BY MYSELF. I took the older children to school. It was lovely. I got the third one ready.

We had to leave early, because I was worried that I wouldn't make it out of my neighborhood before I ran out of gas -- and the night before I had just said that I'd never EVER run out of gas. So I was pretty sure that Monday was my day. Alas, we made it. We headed up to his school. As I turned the corner, I gasped.

THERE WAS NO ONE ELSE THERE. Except one other slacker mom who didn't read the memo. Who had the same exact horrified expression on her face. The slo-mo "NOOOOOOOOO!!"

Yeah. Christian Preschool, Easter Monday = No School.

I told the littlest one that he could eat his lunch, that Mommy needed a Starbucks. And that he better be a good boy at the fabric store.

Tomorrow, school. For all THREE children.


Melody said...

Oh - no! I would totally do something like this - I guess that makes me part of the slacker mom club! LOL!

Hey - if you interested, there's a group I belong to for Texas bloggers - If you're interested in an invite, send me an email.

MrsMStewart AT gmail DOT com

Rachel said...

Oh no!! Poor you. That so sounds like something that would happen to me!