Thursday, March 6, 2008

Holy SNOW, Batman!

So Tuesday, I nearly posted about our snow. I mean, we got an inch, and for this part of Texas, that's a pretty big stinking deal. Usually we get rain at 33 degrees, then it freezes and the entire region is paralized for about three days.

But no, it snowed just as the children were getting in bed, snowed all night, then it all melted away while they were in school. It was terribly cruel.

Wednesday, it was seventy degrees. No joke, we had our windows rolled down, short sleeves on, ready to plant our spring flowers.

Until today. It started snowing around noon. And then we got some sleet. And then snow. And it still hasn't stopped snowing. And it's not supposed to until tomorrow. My kids actually went sledding (in the drainage ditch - don't laugh it's the best we can do!). And made a snowman. We don't own shovels. Or gloves that fit, really. Because in a few days, the kids will be begging me to take them to the pool again.
This is why Texans are insane. Gah!


Deb said...

LOL... you're welcome to join us in Minnesota, where I haven't seen grass in about 926 months now.

Found you on BlogHer. Great blog!

#2 said...

You know, I thought about that. All the people that this is just no big deal for. Who are laughing at me for freaking out about SNOW.

But, yeah, in Texas, this is an *event* where there's nothing else on TV. NOTHING. They break into American Idol. They come in early. School gets delayed. People run to the grocery stores to stock up on bottled water and bread and batteries.

Meanwhile, the road are completely dry and it's 43 degrees outside. And all the snow is melting that's in the sun.

We're total babies here.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad you did!