Monday, February 4, 2008

who, me? too organized? couldn't be.

I know, me? Too organized? You say impossible - and I say, it will never happen again.

So a month or so ago, I cleared out some old clothes out of the kids' closets and drawers to give away. The middle kid got some new socks (finally - it was getting bad) so I cleared out all the old ones in varying shades of beige. And all her tights that fit her when she was two. And all of her swim suits from this past summer. Because by the time she would need them again, she'd have outgrown them. Right?

Yeah, except I wasn't planning on a girl scout swim party. In February.

About five minutes before we needed to leave, I hollered upstairs for her to get her swimsuit on, that it was time to go. She claimed she couldn't find any swimsuits. I told her that was ridiculous, they were in her top drawer. She insisted. I came up to look, then remembered how organized I was. So organized that all the clothes that I had bagged up to give away were already given away. As in gone. Not in the garage anymore. As in we have no girl swimsuits here.

"Put your clothes back on! Let's hurry and hope Target has swimsuits in February!" And on our way, I started making phone calls to the other girls who were going to see if they had extras, just in case. No one was home. This was going to be bad.

But, retailers to my rescue, as soon as they clear out the Christmas decorations, they start putting out the summer stuff, and there was a rack of swimsuits. And, as luck would have it, there were even a few that were mostly modest enough for me to purchase without throwing up a little in my mouth. Because she's only six, and yuck.

And, at the party, there were no less that five other girls wearing the very same swimsuit.


CASister said...

Don't let that stop you, BABY! You're on a roll! Besides... now she's cool.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Sounds like something I'd do. Get rid of something I've had forever, only to find out that I now need it. (sigh)

green.barn said...

Boy, did that give me my laugh for the day! At least FIVE other mothers had to get new swimsuits for their daughters!!! You are just one of the crowd, now - and I thought my daughters were unique. I'm still chuckling!