Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wal-mart list: toilet paper.

I should go to WalMart in the middle of the night every night. The entertainment value is worth every ounce of lost sleep.

First, it wasn't quite the middle of the night. It was clearly before curfew. But there were more little children there than I would have expected. Oddly enough, they were better behaved than the children who go there in the middle of the day. Go figure.

But the best part were the teenagers. Here I was buying milk and bananas and Raisin Bran. A cart full with lame mom items. The girl in front of me was buying the jumbo size cheap-o toilet paper. Stomach issues maybe? But then behind me were her friends. Also buying jumbo size cheap-o toilet paper. Hmm. Maybe something's going around. Yeah, that's it.

They were so inconspicuous with the large toilet paper. And their high school plastered on their sweatshirts. The checker was so funny - she commented to the girls, "just make sure his mom and dad aren't sitting on the front porch!" So I laughed to myself and went to go fill up the back of my minivan with my pull-ups and spinach and there they were, leaving in their inconspicuous "I got this for my 16th birthday" car with the inconspicuous school spirit sticker on the back. I ended up behind them. We went the same direction. We took the same turn. Then we took the same next turn. And the next. And the next. They headed to a house that wasn't two blocks from me, I'm sure - we were pretty deep into the neighborhood.

I think I'll drive by tomorrow to see their handiwork. It's too bad all the houses in our neighborhood all have two teeny-tiny trees in the front yard. There's going to be a lot of leftover toilet paper.

The only bad part about going to WalMart in the middle of the night is that you get home and you still have to put all those groceries away. And then write about it. And I need to go get a bow to put on the new socks I bought my husband. Because I'm a great wife like that.

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Karen (Pediascribe) said...

I never went toilet papering anyone's house. Maybe because my mom used to whine and complain so much about the "price of toilet paper considering all you do is flush it down the drain!!!!!" ;)

Head's up......awards for you on my blog. :)