Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Uphill, both ways.

Technically, if you venture down into the drainage ditch on the way to school, there could be the argument that it's uphill both ways to school.

We live less than 1/4 of a mile from my childrens' elementary school. If I were to drive, it would actually be longer than that, and the time spent in the drop off car line would be longer than the time spent driving. And on especially cold days, the car would not have even warmed up by the time I returned home. Never mind that the sliding doors on the mini don't work in the cold (Everybody, pile in through the back hatch!).

These arguments are lost on my young children. Unless it is pouring rain, we walk. We walk home, too. People even comment to me that we always walk, no matter what, and it makes them feel guilty driving when they might live a speck closer to the school than I do. Well?

I recently read an article on Reader's Digest explaining that the first few minutes of driving are the hardest on your car. So what if that's all I drive every day? Twice? I would be using up more of my car than if I were driving ten miles each way? Yikes!

And what about the time spent in the car, versus the time spent walking. I would be spending fifteen minutes in my car with it running, rather than getting 15 minutes of exercise? Each way? And the exercise and sunshine (sometimes!) for my children?

So there are my arguments. My children won't listen to them. They're too busy whining about having to walk. Sorry, kids, I am single-handedly trying to combat global warming AND childhood (and adulthood!) obesity all by making my children walk six miles to school, in the snow, uphill both ways. Because you know that's what they'll tell their therapist.


ca sister said...

You go, little berries! Build those muscles (and that character!).

Tell them their cousins have to walk to school EVEN WHEN IT RAINS! Of course, we could sell a parking spot in our driveway when it rains, but that's another story.

#2 said...

Pouring rain here is totally different from pouring rain there. Seriously. We have ponchos we wear for rain, but when there's no space to breathe in between raindrops, we drive. But we have to leave early. Way early.

But we've only done that twice in almost two years.

But, selling a parking space is an excellent idea. You could make tons of extra cash!

AZ Sister said...

If you both remember correctly, we walked both ways uphill to school too! And, it was a MILE! I've walked with both of you and my amazing nieces and nephews to school - they've got it easy....

(the middle kid is always the best whiner)

#2 said...

But was it only a mile? I distinctly remember it being a LOT longer. And it snowed *all* the time. In California.

green.barn said...

Ahhhh. ca sister had it the worst. Her mother made her crutch to school, one mile each way! (upnill, in the snow, etc. etc.)

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