Thursday, February 7, 2008

My daughter has a tree.

The weirdest statement I've ever typed. Swear.

We play almost every day on "the hill" outside of school for at least thirty minutes, sometimes an hour. "The Hill" is really a giant drainage ditch with two very scary drainpipes that look like they might swallow a small child, but regardless, we play with a group of "hill friends" that we've amassed since the beginning of the year. Some come and go, and then there are a group of us regulars. I digress.

My daughter has a tree. In this drainage ditch, in a pathetic attempt at "beautification," the school district has planted a number of scraggly trees. Well, maybe in the spring they won't look so bad, but right now they look like a bunch of tumbleweeds on sticks. So my daughter has adopted one of these trees. She used to do tree school for the other children, but when she got too bossy and her older brother outed her as having some false information, she was discredited and tree school was disbanded.

Now, she and one friend have adopted this tree. She collects shiny things to hang on it. She keeps it warm by hanging her jacket and other trash on the branches. She defends it against attackers (read her brother and any other used-to-be-friends-until-she-got-all-weird-about-this-tree) and brushes it with a toothbrush that a dentist who visited the school gave her. When it's time to leave, she gathers up all her things off the tree and puts them in her backpack for the next day. Her backpack is getting heavy with things for "Tree." Oh, and she named it. Tree. I know, the creativity just astounds me, too.

So now that she has hugged her first tree, I wonder what's next. Birkenstocks? Or just a professional Christmas Tree Decorator. Stay Tuned. Because I am.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Next thing you know she'll be eating only organic fruits and vegies, making her own yogurt, and writing a letter to her congressman about the benefits of the hydrogen fuel cell.

And it all started with Tree.

Hey, at least she's not like some kids who would break the branches off to use as swords or kicking the thing down. ;) Consider yourself blessed!

CA Sister said...

Oh, dear sweet niece!! A girl after her "Tree Amigo" auntie (I'm not making that up)! Go ahead... hug it. Water it. Talk to it (preferably when no one is looking). Thank it for its shade and oxygen. Call your auntie if you need any facts for tree school. Just know that some people don't like trees. It takes vision for the future to love trees.

Hippo Birdie!

green.barn said...

Two ewes!

#2 said...

I did catch her the other day with a large tree branch, running like mad toward Tree. I think she was saying something about Tree using it as defense. I couldn't really hear over myself yelling "Put that stick down before someone loses an eye!"

And, ca sister, she does talk to it, often. And talks about it. And worries that it will be cold. Or lonely. But oddly enough, she's not worried about the ten other popsicle stick trees, just this one. She gets her crazy from her mother, that's for sure!