Sunday, February 3, 2008

Making his Papa proud

Along with the Wii came a Super Mario game. You remember the ones from our childhood? Yeah, but different, really different.

So as my husband and I are fumbling our way through the galaxies, using up more lives than 12 cats, our oldest son starts giving us advice. Good advice. Really good advice.

"How did you know that?" we'd ask, incredulous that our nearly-nine year old is giving us video game tips.

"Oh, I read it in the manual. Didn't you read it? I did. The whole thing. Twice."

You see, my father is a purist. When we had a technology question, he would refuse to answer our questions, except with the question, "Have you read the manual yet?" Every. Time.

As a teenager, you can see how this was frustrating. We knew he knew the answer, he just would refuse to give it to us. And back then, those giant computers came with giant books. That were insanely boring.

And now, here I am, entering a new chapter of mediocrity in my life, allowing someone else to read the manuals for me. Except this time, I can demand the reading party to give me the answers.

1 comment:

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Cough up the answers or you can't play the Wii.

Works every time!