Thursday, February 28, 2008

Guilt: Thy Name Is Motherhood

I *almost* kept the middle one home from school today. She said her throat hurt and she wasn't acting herself. She even said she didn't mind giving up a playdate this afternoon if she were to stay home. I told her she could stay home.

Then she told her brother. "I'm not sure why I'm staying home, mommy just told me that I have to." Um, you don't know why you're staying home? Oh, dear.

Sarge convinced me that we shouldn't give in to such wily ways and that she didn't have a fever so she should go to school. So I sent her. I spoke to her teacher saying that we were on the fence this morning, so please watch out for my girl.

Sure enough, about 1:30, the school nurse called. Please come get your child before she further infects our school.

Oh, the guilt.


Pocket said...

I'm a fourth grade teacher and I have to tell you THANK YOU for sending your child to school! We have so many fakers and kids that stay home for nothing, it drives me crazy. I tell all parents - if you're not sure, just send them. We can always call you later. I also tell parents not to keep them home unless they have a fever, so - you did the right thing!

#2 said...

I was worried when you said you were a teacher that you were going to be mad at me for sending her. It was refreshing to hear that you actually want them when they are questionable!

She actually is the one that adores school, but we didn't want to set a precedent for having the "ooey-owies" and getting to stay home. The older one might start getting ideas...

I'm so glad you stopped by!