Friday, February 29, 2008

Flu. Stinks.

And I'm pretty sure we're only at the beginning of it.

But first, can we talk about how Tamiflu can charge me so much money for fewer days of misery? Unfair, this freemarket thing, I tell you right now.

And then, to add insult to injury, it promises fewer days of misery, but BOY HOWDY, we'll make the miserable ones even more miserable-er and make your child vomit. And then vomit again.

But, because I'm a great mother who prides herself on giving the children something to talk to the therapists about, sent the two boy-children to school today. Mostly because they acted so perky, and we just weren't going to do perky around here today. No siree.

So the rest of us lounged and slept - that reminds me, there's another adult here. Who's been sleeping all day - I should go wake him up, just for the fun of it. I keep going in to check and make sure he's not got a fever, and he doesn't - I think it's sympathy sleep at this point, because the girl never sleeps when she's sick, it would lessen her ability to whine. But I'm going to feel terrible when I walk in there to check on him and he's burning up. But if he isn't, he totally gets night duty tonight. Ha HA.

So, yeah. Things here are lovely and fun, and I'm totally regretting bragging about how healthy my children have been. And for the record, it doesn't count when you brag and then say you shouldn't have said that when you're still all proud inside and so sure that it's because you're a great parent that your children aren't sick. Just saying that you didn't really mean it doesn't count - you have to actually feel it, which totally rots. And now I know.

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Jaimie @ HugTwice said...

Oh yes it does! So sorry you are stricken! We are finally getting over it, here.

Feel better soon!