Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Not quite what she intended

My mother knitted my children the most gorgeous sweaters for Christmas. These are no Mrs. Weasley sweaters, these are gorgeous, beautifully done, lovely colors. My children love them.

I was nervous they wouldn't be sweet about them, but the first thing my oldest child did when he opened his was throw it on, then jump up and squeezed the breath out of my mother. My son wore his OVER his Tony Romo jersey (hello! that kid will barely wear a jacket over that thing in 20 degree weather!) and my daughter wore hers all day, and then wore it to bed. Yeah, they loved them.

Well, here's the deal (and the part that she doesn't know yet! Hi, green.barn!). My oldest child has taken to sleeping with his. Not joking, pile up the eight stuffed animals, his tattered mommy blanket, his great-grandma blanket and the sweater my mom made. Every night since we got home. He'd been complaining that the other two kids had quilts made by Grandma and he didn't so I guess he just made do.

I know my mom wants the things that she makes to be well-used and well-loved, but I'm thinking that this method of use hadn't entered her mind while she was knitting. Leave it to my kid.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Ya know, he loves it and wants it with him all the time. Making him a quilt now wouldn't be the same for him as sleeping with his sweater. :)

green.barn said...

Oh, my dear, dear boy. I miss them all so much, especially the morning hugs. I sometimes cuddle with the pillow you and he made for me when I was sick. In any case, it is always right next to my bed, where I see it every day. So much love, sadness, and joy we have all shared in these last two weeks. How rich and good life is!