Friday, January 11, 2008

Kitchen Decor

I thought for a moment today, that my new kitchen decor would involve the Chicago Bears.

Let me back up a moment to explain. The birthday boy is a huge football fan. When his aunt found little football players that you could set up in formation, she totally hit the Christmas gift jackpot. He adores these little players. The only trouble with them is that they keep coming separated from their little stands.

One had been in my kitchen for a few days, and since today was kitchen-cleaning day, it needed to be repaired and moved to it's proper location. So I repaired it. With super glue. Do you see where this is going now?

My super glue was a little drippy, but no worries, I repaired his "high ankle sprain" and the complete amputation of his leg at the knee. He was ready to play. I left him there to dry while I cleaned the rest of the kitchen. When it came to that counter, well, he refused to move. He liked my kitchen and intended to stay there. I panicked. I laughed. I rethought the orange and blue thing. Then I grabbed a spatula and started jabbing at him like he was a burnt cookie. And just like a burnt cookie, he flew across the kitchen when he came loose.
And my kitchen remains boring and non-bachelor-pad-like.

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