Monday, January 7, 2008

How to get my dog to avoid a specific area

My dog has a habit of laying on the fabric that doesn't belong to me or her. She gets shoo-ed away, but she always tries to come back.

When the children were babies, I'd lay out a blanket on the floor for them to play on that she wasn't allowed on. She'd always creep nearer and nearer, so that at first she wasn't touching, then just her paws, then maybe she'd lay her head down. Until we walked away, then she'd plop her whole body down in the middle.

Using this theory, I laid out some soft and fuzzy fabric that was at one time going to be a Halloween costume, but is now just taking up space. I was thinking I should make her a dog bed, in the hopes that she'd like it and give us some space on the couch.

In the last week, I've laid it all around the house, in all her favorite places. As I sit at the computer, she's always right next to me, so I laid the fabric in the very spot she usually occupies. I put it in the family room where she lays when we're borrowing the couch from her.

And, you've already guessed it, she has barely put a paw on it. She walks around it, she lays next to it, scrunched up in an awkward position to avoid touching it. I think that my dog is really a cat in a dog's body.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Don't ask me any dog advice. I am a failure when it comes to raising dogs.
But yes, your dog does sound like a cat.
My cat is very dog in some ways. He'll pay fetch for 30 minutes at a time.

green.barn said...

This cracks me up. So easy now to keep her off things - just cover it with the fleece! Also makes me think the dog bed thing won't be a big hit.

#2 said...

Ah, yes, that's why I laid the fabric on the floor before I made it into anything. Otherwise I'd REALLY be mad.

But we did catch her sleeping on it yesterday. So I think my next plan of recovering the couch with it so she wouldn't sleep there just might not work. Oh, well.