Friday, January 18, 2008

Feels like Saturday

Today is a day off for everyone, so it's feeling a little weird around here. Kids with playdates, video games being played, and even an evening out with friends for the older two. It's feeling strange. I imagine it will feel stranger on Monday, when we're still not working.

We've been adjusting for almost two weeks now to Sarge working during the day like normal humans, and I thought that it would be all lollipops and bubblegum with a side of jumping for joy, but it's actually a little harder than I thought it would be.

But, before you think I'm whining, I'm not, it's just a little different, and I think it will take longer to adjust than I thought. The first morning, when I walked back in the house with the youngest after taking the others to school, I shushed him when he shouted jubilantly about something. And then I remembered, we could be as stinkin' loud as we wanted to be. So we were.

I've found myself thinking during the day about Sarge and wanting to ask him something or tell him something and then thinking that I couldn't, because he was asleep. And then I remembered that I can, so then I interrupt his coffee drinking while driving and typing on the computer.

His body is having the hardest time adjusting - he feels the need to go to sleep before 10pm, in order to be awake and ready to go at 4am. But his body is still telling him that 10pm is when all the best criminals start waking up and that he should be in "go" mode. And my recent bout with insomnia didn't help with all the tossing and turning - which I think was related to the fact that THERE IS SOMEONE IN MY BED.

But the days off are lovely, even lovelier when the children are all in school and we have conversations that involve complete sentences.

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Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Conversations that involve complete sentences? I'm going to have to Google that, because I have no idea what those are.