Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wheee!, I mean, Wiiiiiiii!

So this Christmas, we dove into the video game world for the first time since the Atari. And, seriously? It's fun. So fun.

I'm terrible at it. I can barely play, much less beat the little people in the house. I'm guessing that the dog could probably beat me. Sarge is pretty good, and the kids seem to have a innate ability to know what to do. Except when the middle one was attempting to bowl and she apparently threw the bowling ball into the crowd rather than down the lane.

Did you know that the Wii will "boo" you? Yeah, it's boo-d me a bunch of times, too.

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Karen (Pediascribe) said...

We love our Wii! :) Only problem is, I get frustrated when I bowl "for real." It's so much easier to get a strike on the Wii! :)
(and, btw, ds has to bowl into the crowd at least once per game)
I suggest It's a nice way to trial Wii games before buying them for $50 and then finding out you don't like them!