Sunday, December 23, 2007

Very Busy Doing Nothing

We've been very busy around this household, but when I sit down to think about it, I can think of nothing that we've done that I can write about without sounding lamer than usual. So I'll make a list instead.

  • We had sleepovers on Friday night. Well, the oldest two did with friends and I did with the littest one because he was whining he didn't have a friend. So I slept in his bed. Or tried to.
  • We didn't get much sleep on Friday night. I wonder why?
  • It could have had something to do with the icing the children ate (that was being minimally supported by a cookie) right before bedtime. I have no idea who's bright idea that was.
  • The middle one was sad all day Saturday that her friend was no longer here. Even though she nearly refused to play Barbies with said friend, even though that's all she ever wants to do when no one WANTS to play Barbies with her. Apparently, given a willing participant, it takes a little cajoling from mom before she'll play. But I did have fun making the Barbies have a knock-down-drag-out over a pair of shoes. And it made the girls laugh and decide to play (I only have a few years before I'm not cool. But I still am! Yipee!)
  • When it was bedtime, the girls and I decided to scare the boys. Who had already gotten themselves all worked up over BigFoot. Then the boys and I decided to scare the girls back.
  • I don't know how many more years I can do sleepovers with multiple genders in the house. It seems that after a few more years it's going to get weird. Something I never considered until Friday night.
  • I finally got my act together on mailing Christmas gifts. Or shall we say "Day After Christmas Gifts" because holy highway robbery, Batman! To get something 500 miles in three days apparently has to be individually driven by a monster truck and they'd still make a profit.
  • I've been mending clothes lately, and I'm afraid that only the pajamas are going to be socially acceptable. You know the look of pants that have been let out? Good idea in theory, but it looks terrible. And the jury's still out on the giant patchwork flowers on my daughter's knees. But the good news is that the 6" long tear in the seam of my son's favorite pajamas has now been fixed and we don't have to see his underwear every night anymore. I did draw the line on the hand-me-down underwear that had holes in it. I decided that the littlest one really did have enough underwear and that repaired underwear was just unneccesarily embarassing.
  • Oh, and the holes in my daughter's shoes. I'm afraid with the mending and the holey shoes we're going to end up on some charity list this year. Add that to the fact that my daughter keeps saying she hopes Santa will bring her new sneakers this year, and the whole guilt factor's WAY up. But, oh, I want nothing less than to go to the mall before Christmas.
  • I've managed to keep one of Sarge's three gifts a surprise this year. I was going to be two for three, but he got the mail the other day and spotted it. And there wasn't any guessing as to what it was. Darnit. And all he has to do is ask any of the kids and they'll probably tell him. That's how I know what I'm getting.
  • Oh, and the cleaning. That's more than just list worthy. But I've been doing a lot of it lately, and as much as I hate it, and as cracked as my hands are, I love having a clean and tidy house. Which annoys me. Because why can't I enjoy the cleaning and the clean? It seems unfair. But it makes my husband positively giddy.

So there. That's me being very busy doing nothing.

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Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Ah, yes. The craziness of real life meets the craziness of the holidays! I've also been very busy, but at least the last two days I've been very busy doing what *I* want to do! :) At least I haven't had to step foot in a theater (unless you count a MOVIE theater....which I did TWICE!) ;)