Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On elevators and dating

When my husband and I met (almost fourteen years ago! gasp!), I was Catholic and attending a Jesuit university. It was Lent, and the tradition is to give something up. Feeling rebellious, I wanted to give something up besides chocolate or dessert or boys (that would have been a disaster!). So I gave up elevators.

For me, in this life that I live now, that would not even affect me. At all.

But at the time, I was living in a dormitory, on the fourth floor. I was all young and fit and so it was no big deal. But then, when I met my new love interest, I had to explain to his Southern Baptist self what I was doing, and NO, I was not crazy, just Catholic. I even would tell him he could take the elevator and meet me at the top - he hadn't given up elevators. But he was trying to impress me, I think, so he went along and took the stairs. He would even carry my groceries.

It's a wonder he stuck around. Maybe he only stuck around to harass me about it. Fourteen years later.

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Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Ah, yes. The things we do for love.
"was" Catholic? That describes me too!