Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Have You Ever...

tried to go five days without making a four year old cry?

Things like this happen:

We showed up at the doctor's office today and he had a giant sucker in his mouth. When I asked the doctor if his throat was red, he paused. I asked, "Do you think his throat is red from the sucker or because there's something wrong with it?" He laughed. He was pretty sure it was just the sucker.

Sarge came home from work and found that his spot in the bed was occupied, so he slept on the couch until we woke up.

We watch Power Rangers in the middle of the night.

I'm not even sure I should admit these things. But, you see, I hate vomit more that I hate all of these things. And when he's sick like this, often times he'll projectile vomit everything he ate in the last twenty-four hours, simply from the force of coughing. And since I was traumatized by bacon the last time, I'm really not prepared for vomit, if I can avoid it.

And so I avoid it. And pay for it when he's well again and he thinks that he can have chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.

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