Wednesday, December 5, 2007

confused conversations

We had two interesting conversations over dinner tonight. Apparently the youngest had a little bit of a hard time digesting the two.

Daddy went to the dentist today. Just a regular checkup, but also checking out the dentist to see whether or not they would be suitable for our children to also visit. So we laid it on the kids that they would soon be visiting the dentist, and that it's important to brush your teeth twice a day so you don't get holes in your teeth.

A little later, we were trying to gently explain to them that Mommy's uncle is very sick. That he has something called cancer and that it's in his brain. And that the doctors aren't giving him any more medicine. But that he could walk and talk. And laugh. But also that it's the kind of germs that aren't contagious, that you could hug him and sit with him and that you wouldn't get cancer. And that we didn't know how he got it, just that some people just do.

I'm sure the questions will keep coming. Already the middle one is playing "brain cancer Barbie." I wasn't really prepared for the first delayed question, though, from the youngest.

"Mommy, did your uncle get cancer in his brain because he didn't brush his teeth?"

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