Friday, December 7, 2007

cleaning confessions

This one's for my mom.

I decided that it was time to clear off my desk before it toppled over, or just collapsed under the weight of the junk that was on top of it. I found some horrifying things.
  • I was saving a ziploc baggie of about five water bottle lids. Apparently my daughter was starting a collection on only got to the starting part. And I was saving them for her. In a drawer.
  • I had coupons laying in some prime desktop real estate that expired this summer.
  • I had receipts from over a year ago in the basket on my desk.
  • I found three business cards from my dog kennel, each from the new owners when it has changed ownership.
  • I found medical bills from 2004. I was saving them in case the insurance company didn't actually pay them. I'm pretty sure they've paid them by now. I mean, some of them took over a year, but even health insurance companies usually don't take three years to pay. Or the hospitals would have come to take my child as collateral by now.
  • More thank you notes than any one person should actually own. Well, certainly someone who clearly doesn't actually use them.
  • This years and last years school pictures of my children.

Why is this one for my mom? Because she gets upset sometimes because we harrass her for being disorganized and having canned peaches from the eighties in her pantry. So, Mom? Now you know. I'm the pot, you're the kettle.

Oh, and the final confession? I've started a seed pile of junk that I just can't deal with right now. Any takers on bets that it will be there the next time I clean my desk? In 2009?


green.barn said...

I don't know what you are talking about. All my peaches are in jars and purchased in the last two months. We eat them as vegetables for dinner. Mmmmmm.

You are still just an amateur piler!

Live another 20 years. Buy and sell a few properties, refinance a mortgage or two. How can you toss any of those papers? Ooops, gotta buy another filing cabinet - you might get audited. Old business cards? How do I check if they are still good? It might be - can't toss that one. I don't remember getting this one - if I toss it, I'll need it. Should I call the number and ask them who they are? Ooops, gotta buy a binder and plastic pages with pockets to store them. But which ones go to home 1 and which to home 2? Never mind that I have already put the information from any important ones into my Palm PDA. My laptop could die (it just did) and I could drown my PDA (almost did yesterday...), then I would need those business cards.

Aside - it is early dawn, and home 2 is in the middle of a silent, dense pink cloud - magical.

The hospital will certainly not want your child - they'll have to feed him, and he might run up more hospital bills. Or maybe they're just waiting for their chance - he is very, very cute.

Stored anything in a weird place lately? Keep us posted on your mental decline, but do blame it on your children. Someday they will understand.

#2 said...

GAH! It's like you were in my head last night when I was cleaning! Stop it!

And nothing stored strangely lately. Just the ordinary, daily struggle to find my keys. And sunglasses. And purse. You'd think I could keep all three in the same place. But, I can't. I'm sure it's my childrens' fault.