Thursday, November 15, 2007


The other day, we were spelling words together, the whole family. We were trying to find really hard ones for the oldest, moderate for the middle, and simple for the little. So I came up with "scatterbrained." Sarge spelled, "M-O-M-M-Y."

My head's been going forty-eight different directions and it's making me crazy. I lost my cell phone. I went so far as to go back to the scene of the flat tire to see if I'd left it there. I went even a step further and cleaned out my minivan. It was so lost. I found it this afternoon in a bag I'd used last Thursday.

We went to put the spare tire back where it belongs in the van and weren't able to. The thing that holds the spare tire on was broken. I'd gotten the van cleared of junk and I begged my mechanic (pretty please? I'm your best customer?) to vacuum the van. I hope I didn't leave anything important in there.

I've lost at least three measuring tapes in the last year. I finally ran out of measuring tapes and had to purchase a new one. And then left it in the first house I used it in.

It's ordinary that I forget at least one thing each time I go to hang curtains. This last week, I forgot practically everything. But I didn't have my cell phone to call my husband.

I can't write a decent post because I can't put my thoughts together in a coherent manner. But man, I can't wait to get them together, because I've got something to say. I'm sure I do.

I'm a mess.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Wow. Sounds like me! I've had to force myself to be a bit more organized b/c of the crazy rehearsal schedule. We can't get to a theater and then find out we forgot a script or something.
But it's hard. My natural tendency is to be scatterbrained (esp. since having children!)

green.barn said...

Did you think of calling your cell phone to have it make noise so it could tell you where it was? I now do that often to find the home handset - "Where are you?" "I'm here in your bag!" Now I get annoyed when I lose my car keys and I can't make them tell me where they are!

I remember depending on my youngest daughter to help me find things - she always knew where they were. Where, oh where, has that dear daughter gone?