Sunday, November 11, 2007

like talking to a senior citizen

This is my house:




But it's the eight year old saying all that. Of course, the ear pain got really bad about an hour after the pediatrician closed on Saturday. Because that's the way things work. So we went to urgent care, because I knew we couldn't wait until Monday.

But it didn't end up mattering. I asked him how his ear felt, and he said "It doesn't hurt anymore, but it's leaking." Well, really, he shouted it. So now both ear drums don't work. Nice.

He's the most pitiful sick person. Literally, he started tearing up at the thought of leaving the house to go to a birthday party. And he fell asleep on the couch later that evening and when he woke up, like two hours later, he says that he was asleep at least seven minutes.

And he's even so pitiful that his sister is waiting on him hand and foot. "Do you need a stuffed animal?" "A fresh snot rag?" "We can play whatever you want..."

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