Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ice, Ice, Baby.

The icemaker in my refrigerator broke last week. The easy fixes weren't working, so while I was deciding what to do about it, we were filling ice cube trays. And when I decided that was a pain to refill the tray every time I wanted ice -- as to not incur the wrath of my husband (aka the ice cube tray filling police) -- each morning I dumped ALL the ice into the icemaker bucket and refilled all of them. That way, when the kids inevitably went to use the ice feature on the door, I didn't have to yell, "THERE'S NO ICE!" It was convenient. Well, not as convenient as having a machine do it for me, but more convenient than the alternatives.

Well, apparently, I offended my broken icemaker by putting inferior ice cubes in it's tray, and it decided to get off it's lazy buns and start making ice again. Like magic. You would not believe my shock when I went to get ice and that familiar shape was, yet again, in my ice bucket. The excitement was a little much, to be honest. I should be embarrassed, but I'm still too excited.

P.S. To the people giving out candy to my kids next year - More Butterfingers. Please?

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