Wednesday, November 14, 2007

dinner: success!

The kids thought they won the lottery tonight. I've been knee deep in curtains the last few days and not getting even five hours of sleep. AND NO NAPS. I NEED NAPS. So I'm a little tired.

I didn't feel like listening to whining about dinner. After briefly considering Halloween candy for dinner, then Cub Scout Popcorn, but I decided on sandwiches. Turkey and ham sandwiches. With salami. Oooh, maybe on tortillas. Shoot. Too many options, and I hate having their orders being barked at me over and over again.

So I flopped the turkey, ham and salami on a plate. Cheese cubes, shredded cheese in bowls. Spinach, dressings, bread and tortillas. All thrown on the kitchen table and I said, "Here, it's a serve yourself meal tonight." And they totally bit.

They went to town, loading up their sandwiches with the things they love. The littlest one carefully cut his cheese cubes (with a butter knife) into slices and put them on his wrap. I've never seen a meal where none of them complained about something. In fact, the two oldest ones went on and on about how great their meals were.

I think they tasted better because they'd done it themselves. I wonder when that changes, because I know that things taste better to me when someone else makes them.

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Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Beautiful! Sounds like it was easy for you and yummy for them. Win-win!