Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Coffee bean:0, Mom: 1

Since the hugging episode of yesterday, my children seem to have given me the giggles. Except for in the middle of the night last night when I went to go investigate why I heard whining from upstairs, but only made a little ways down the hallway when the culprit met me halfway. I wasn't giggling, mostly jumping out of my skin and yelling.

We went to the doctor today for the oldest, with a ruptured ear drum. Nothing says ruptured ear drum like terrible pain in the ear and then suddenly no pain at all -- just, as the oldest says, "wet goo in my ear." Anyhow, we giggled our way through the doctor visit, laughing about the book about obeying that had scribbles all over it, laughing over the songs the oldest sang while he was waiting for his ear drops to do their thing.

Since we were having so much fun, I thought we should go to Target. After I finished touting my great mother-eagle-eyes to my youngest, about how I knew he'd picked up a coffee bean off the floor and I knew he had it in his hands, and I knew he'd dropped it and was picking it up, we headed to the checkout. I looked down at the four year old, who's eyes were watering and he looked like he was getting a little panicky. "What's wrong?"

"I fink my coffee bean is stuck in my nose."

Well, at least we're still near the doctor's office. I knelt down, plugged the other nostril and told him to blow. The coffee bean flew out of his nose and down my sleeve. While I'm still processing the fact that this actually worked and was still looking for the bean, a woman looks at me and asks, "are you in this check out line?" "Um, no, we were just having a coffee-bean-in-the-nose emergency." And then I burst into a tear inducing fit of giggles. She must have thought I was nuts. She proceeded to hop in that line and wish me well with my emergency. I couldn't even speak, I was trying not to cry, I was laughing so hard.

I can't wait to tell the middle one. Finally she's not the only one who stuck contraband up her nose.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

That's a great story! Every parent should experience the "foreign body up the nose" at some point. I know we did!

Anonymous said...

I've giggled out loud to myself at this eventful doctor's visit along with a stop over at Target.

Oh oldest one, how I hope all is well with you right now. It's great that you could still laugh after that ordeal.

Tell the littlest that there will be NO coffee beans in our house Thanksgiving!!

What a wonderful family you are!!!

#2 said...

Karen -- it's actually our second time, and the first time was SO much better -- I'll have to write it out, because it's not one that I want to ever let her forget. Or her father. Maybe I should have him write it!

Oh, and Granny, you know the saying - if you don't laugh, you'll cry! And the oldest is doing well - nothing that some ear drops and a day home from school can't cure!