Saturday, October 27, 2007

'Tis The Season...

To start listening to the whining about candy.

We went to a superfun Halloween event last night. The kids got to dress up and go around asking strangers for candy. The asking started as soon as the first piece of candy hit the bottom of the bucket. The littlest one looked up at me with his big, dark brown eyes. The eyes said, "do I eat it now?" "NOT YET" responded my look of death.

They ate candy in the dark on the way home. Is it gum? is it laffy taffy? Just keep chewing.

They poured out their buckets on the living room floor and inspected their candy when they got home. The oldest one is now, unfortunately, old enough to count his candy. Dangit. The littlest one complained of a tummy ache. I wonder why? He claimed it was because he was still hungry. Ah, I'm sure that's it.

Knowing this, I settled it in my head before falling asleep what their candy schedule would be. True to form, before breakfast, they wanted their candy. "No, and here's when you can have it, and only if you eat the meal preceding the scheduled candy time." There was a welcome lull in the whining. For a moment.

The oldest one wanted to count his candy again. Does that kid know his mother or what?

And the middle child wanted lunch at 8:30 this morning. I wonder why?

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