Monday, October 22, 2007

Through this window

I was tagged by Karen at Pediascribe for a meme, which is like a blogging chain letter. But what I'm supposed to do is tell you something about myself, in this case, what I see out the window from the room in which I blog.

But here's the problem. There's so much stuff in between me and the window, I rarely look out. Twofold is the problem. First the stuff I see. I see all the junk on the desk, which is so sorely in need of clearing off, and the bills and receipts that desperately need sorting. Then, there's the treadmill. Now, before you think this is a giant room, you'll have to know that it takes a little aerobic activity to get to all the places in this room. Dancing, hopping, leaping, you get the picture. Fortunately, at this stage, three weeks into owning this treadmill, there is no guilt when I see it. Because that could be a problem. I'm using it faithfully, even though I can see NO results. But whatever.

Then there's the window treatment. Because it's what I do, I can't help but see it. I tell people all the time that when I've met them to make curtains for their house, I may not remember their names, but I can tell you all about the windows in their house, ones that I've made things for and ones that I've not. I just see windows. When I see your face, I immediately see a picture in my head of your windows. I'm sorry, I can't help it! So anyhow, I have a very pretty set of curtains on my windows, full and a gorgeous color. They're polyester with a beautiful embroidery on them. The only reason why I have them is because I made them for someone else and then made the single largest mistake of my sewing career, I cut them too short. And in a way that I couldn't fix them without having to remake them, purchasing new fabric for the client. Fortunately for me, I loved the curtains and they fit perfectly in this room. Although, they're right next to the treadmill, and I've asked my husband to kindly try to sweat away from the curtains. They're entirely impractical for this room.

OH! And I have the most aggravating set of windows in this room, also! There are three windows about two feet square across the wall, if this room were used for the purpose it was designed, in which one would put her china hutch. But they're placed so that you may only own a buffet in this room. Or metal filing cabinets and a treadmill. Thank goodness for that!

But, what do I see when I look through my window? Past the dirt and the cobwebs? I see that I am firmly entrenched in suburbia. I look out my window and see my neighbor's house. I see their pretty front door, I see their beautiful stonework and their giant ant mound. Sometimes I see moms walking past to go get their kids from school, which then prompts me to start running around the house looking for my shoes and hollering at the littlest one to get his shoes on, we're LATE!

So there you have it. Apparently I see guilt and discontent out my blogging window.

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