Monday, October 29, 2007

Middle of the night phone call

You know, the one where you jump out of your skin and answer the phone as fast as you can, because you know it's never good news. Especially when your husband is a police officer on duty. At that moment.

So, I answer the phone and I hear a "BEEEEP." I hang up, heart still in my throat. I attempt to calm myself. It was just a wrong number, someone trying to fax something. Hey guess what? Faxes always redial. Right after your heart has returned to it's normal position.

This time, I got really annoyed. I'm no longer worried, I'm just annoyed. Aside from the fact that there's a sick little girl in the bed next to me, I really don't want to have the phone ringing all night long.

So I call the number back. Never expected a person to answer. "County Sherriff's Office" the phone is answered. Um, yeah, someone in your office is sending a fax to my home phone number, and I'd like for it to stop.

"Well, ma'am, the only reason why someone would be calling you from this office is if you have someone in jail."

If I hadn't been so tired and annoyed, I would have burst out laughing. "Ma'am, the only person I know who would be at your facility would be PUTTING someone in jail. Can you make this stop?"

So she transferred me to dispatch. Who transferred me to the jail. Who assured me that no one was sending a fax.

So I did the only thing I knew to do. I called my husband.

"Are you okay?" Affirmative.

"Are you at the county jail?" Negative.

"Can you ask them to stop trying to send me a fax?" Wha?

So I explained the whole story. And I must explain here that our phone number, before it was ours, belonged to the office of an elected county official. So we get a few weird phone calls. Still, after more than five years. Usually about twice or three times a week. Still. But we've never gotten a fax in the middle of the night.

Oddly enough, when my husband called, he was not treated like someone who's loved one is a, um, client of theirs. Not treated like a crazy person making phone calls in the middle of the night. In fact, he was able to speak to the person in charge of the person sending the fax to the wrong place. And he asked them to stop. And oddly enough, they did.

And, UPDATE YOUR PHONE LIST, for gosh sakes!

I'm tired. And a little cranky. Can you tell?

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