Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Meddler Strikes Again

The little one, also known as "the meddler," was in full force today.

He was "helping" make his lunch today and dropped the jelly. And, by the way, why is jelly the only food item that still comes in glass jars? Smashed glass on the kitchen floor -- and while Daddy and I are cleaning it up, he's wondering why it's taking us so long for us to make his peanut butter and peanut butter (since we were freshly out of jelly) sandwich.

About twelve minutes later, after scarfing down said sandwich, he was in an odd and contorted position on a chair in the living room, which involved his feet flailing madly around and came in contact with the one lamp we have in the room. I couldn't get there in time to rescue it. It had suffered several falls before in other acrobatic poses gone wrong, but this was the fatal blow.

However, he is the meddler, not just the destructor, and found out something wonderful. A while back, I purchased a television for $10. It was cheap because it is small and because it had no power button. It took me a while to rig it, but I finally made the remote work for it. The meddler, because he's the meddler, stuck his finger in the hole that once housed a power button. And, for all the sticking of my finger in the child-sized-finger hole with no success, I'd never found the mechanism. I'm sure he'd poked his curious little finger in there plenty of times, because he can't help himself, but one day he figured out where the mechanism was. And now he proudly shows everyone that comes through our door how he figured out how to turn on Mama's TV.

The meddler. Can't live with him, can't live without him.


Anonymous said...

I remember the meddler's first visit to our house just as he had learned to walk.

In the door like a flash and straight to the china cabinet. I still miss that vase. (HA)

Also, the time I told him not to touch the curling iron because it was hot. What do you think happened? You're right! Right on the tip of his finger. The next visit he said,"you can touch the black part, but DON'T touch the silver." Valuable lesson learned.

#2 said...

Oh, I'd forgotten about the vase. Seriously, we hadn't even been there five minutes before that was broken!

It's like there's magnets in his fingers, attracted to everything!