Thursday, October 18, 2007

A little prayer.

Thank you, Lord, for putting it on my heart to go to Hancock Fabrics today. I didn't know why my car went that direction or why I went to the fabric store further away rather than the closer one. But when I got there and You led me to the fabric that was on clearance AND 50% off, and You put one bolt of fabric there that was so gorgeous and put just the amount I needed on the bolt to recover my couch, I understood. And I appreciate that.

Oh, and while You're at it, could you please stop taking such good care of me and give a little extra to my kids' Papaw? Just for now? I know You're giving him just what he needs, but we could sure use a little speedier healing. And patience. Oh, and could You please ask the news media to stop scaring me with the whole staph infection thing right now? The timing is bad. You know.

Thanks, God. You're the best.



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