Wednesday, October 31, 2007


My oldest sister and I look a lot alike. I say that because I'm about to write something that might offend her, and I just want it on the record that it just as easily could have been me, that's all. We look so much alike that our mother has gotten us honest-to-goodness confused. Not calling us by the wrong name, but truly thinking that one of us was the other. Which, when we were younger, I'm sure offended her greatly, since I'm her MUCH younger sister (okay, not that much, but I'd like to have that on record now, as I'm in the mode of trying to confuse people about my age so that as I near 40 no one will actually know when it happens. Except my kids keep telling everyone how old I am.)

So anyhow, back to offending my sister.

I don't have heaps of memories of Halloween. Not that it was not anything special, I just have a terrible memory. But I have one memory that makes me giggle. One year, as she was getting on the older side of trick-or-treating, but still young enough, and old enough to have to go around with her annoying younger sisters, my sister dressed up as a man. It was cute - she wore our dad's tie, tied up her hair and painted a moustache.

It was cute. Until some crazy old bat says to her, in all seriousness, "Oh, you poor young man having to go out trick-or-treating with all these young girls" She probably even blessed her heart.

My sister, mistaken for a man. My poor mother made all those Halloween costumes for us, and that's what I remember.


CA Sister said...

OK... just had to weigh in... I recall being COMPLIMENTED on being lucky enough to go trick-or-treating with all those girls!

I'm flattered, now, to be confused with such a lovely, vibrant, young woman as yourself! Any day. Seriously. Anyone? Mom?!?

#2 said...

You've gotta love the internet. I can tell the whole world that I'm younger than you without having to tell them that I'm also the shorter and fatter sister! I, er, oops.

Oh, and complimented. Really? I told you my memory was bad.

green.barn said...

Okay, I can't let this go by. ONCE, ONCE I actually mistook you for each other. The extenuating circumstance is that you deliberately wore each other's clothes and fixed your hair exactly the same way. You deserved what you got!

Your completely unconfused mother

#2 said...

Ah, yes, but mother, you also put the milk in the cupboard once. But we haven't let that one go by either!

Oh, and remember how you always wished for us to have children just like us? My day is coming. Never fear. My children already think I'm as dumb as a doorknob, so you're STILL a step ahead of me!