Sunday, October 7, 2007

Call me Mr. MacGregor

I found out what was eating the broccoli. It wasn't the children, that's for sure.

I went out the the garden yesterday and noticed that my broccoli plants had been mowed down to stems. The tomato plants were safe the cucumber plant that I thought was zucchini (don't ask) was also growing nicely. Just the broccoli. A mystery.

I thought, at first, the dog, as she tends to eat strawberries in the garden, but I was skeptical. I thought grasshoppers, but I'd never seen them do that without also getting into the tomatoes. I was stumped, but too busy gloating over my second watermelon of the season, which is ready to eat! Tomorrow!

So I was out today, picking a few tomatoes and something rustled and then ran through the watermelon forest. I screamed - I thought it was a rat, but it was a little bunny, who hopped innocently out of my garden through the hole under the fence that the dog had dug, as if he hadn't just been eating my vegetables!

Broccoli mystery solved!

However, he did not lose any shoes or a jacket. I have nothing to make a scarecrow! I have a feeling he'll be back. With friends. If only he liked weeds.

(Oh, and the little one wants to catch him and put him in a cage in his room. When faced with the idea that the Peter Rabbit might miss his family, he says that all the family can come live in his room, too.)


Anonymous said...

Don't you dare bop little Bunny Foo-Foo on the head!

You never know when I might hop into your garden ;)


Your Sister, Foo

#2 said...

Oh, no, I'm the good fairy. I'm too scared of the vicious creatures to get that close.

And I wouldn't begrudge you all my broccoli. In fact, I'd prefer you tried it first to tell me whether or not it's gross, like the lettuce I grew last year.

I made the kids eat the watermelon and report back before I'd have any. I'm a really great mom like that.

Fortunately the reports on the watermelon were good. Good enough that Sarge even ate some!