Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The (almost) TV disaster

So yesterday, I came home from working some time early-ish during the day and the littlest one tells me "I'm watching TV, but I can't hear it." And I think to myself, "get your lazy buns up off the chair and turn it up, good grief!" But I bit my tongue and checked the TV - volume was at an acceptable level, but no noise was coming out.

I looked at my husband. He shrugged. "I can't get it to work either. I think it's broken. Let's go buy a new one this afternoon."

Hardy-har-har. No. I investigated further. "How did this happen?"

"Oh, I don't know. The littlest one was playing with the remote and pushing buttons right before it happened, but I'm SURE that had nothing to do with it. It's broken. We need a new one today, I think."

So I'm pretty sure that it's just the speakers, since the picture was fine. And Sarge was SO convincing with the whole "it didn't have anything to do with The Meddler pushing buttons" thing that I became convinced. BUT! NO NEW TV FOR YOU.

After school, we ran to Target to pick up a cheap stereo system with speakers, since I've been wanting the ability to listen to the radio and CD's on something other than the tinny player I have. No luck, they're out of the cheap one.

So we head to Best Buy. And wander around with the tag "OLD AND OUT OF DATE" on my forehead until the teenagers finally took pity on me and worried that people were going to start running away with someone over the age of thirty in the store. And they told me that my computer speakers would work, I just needed an adapter, that they didn't carry and that I should go to Radio Shack. Good, this project is getting cheaper by the minute, though exponentially more annoying.

Off to Radio Shack. I finally found what I was looking for, with no help from the surprisingly un-technologically savvy employee. Finally, we're on our way home. NO, we will NOT stop at McDonald's! Gak!

We get home, I start messing with speakers and wires and plugs and why, oh why do they put these things on the BACK of the TV? And I had a moment. One of those moments with a light bulb. I turned on the DVD player and put in a DVD to see if there was sound.

Oh, for the love of cats. There was sound, not involving connectors and wires and plugs. Just sound coming out of the TV.

And my super husband says, "Yeah, I thought about just resetting the DVR this morning, I wonder if that would work?"

It did. And because I love him so much he's still alive.

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