Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What? You've missed me?

Yeah, I'm so sure. But y'all, I've been too busy being glamorous - so sorry.

Glamorous blowing my nose. Glamorous hacking up a lung or two. Glamorous cleaning out the fridge. Yeah, you heard me. I finally cleaned out my refrigerator. Ew.

Seriously, I knew there was a lot of stuff in there that needed throwing away, but what I didn't realize was all the stuff I'd forgotten about behind all the stuff I knew about. I almost took a picture of the before, but I was too embarrassed. And that's saying something, because it takes a lot to embarrass me!

What started out as a simple, oh, I need to go to the grocery store tossing became a full fledged water on the floor, 38 pieces of tupperware to be washed, and oh, for the love of garlic what was that? But don't tell my mother - I have an image to uphold of never owning anything past it's due date.

So it's clean-ish. Sadly not completely clean, but that would take a chisel, and I don't happen to have one handy. And not I'm off to the glamorous grocery store. In my glamorous "I'm hiding" baseball cap. I know, I know, contain your jealousy.

Psst. I'm going to fold laundry later. I hope that didn't just set you over the edge.

1 comment:

green.barn said...

I warned Sarge before he married you to take a good look at your mother first. Is he sorry yet that he didn't believe me?

I'm glad you understand now how outdated things happen. Time just goes faster when you have children, and accelerates with the grandchildren!