Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Webkinz as a measure of future spending habits?

My children all have Webkinz, I think it's no secret. But what I find disturbing is not the flushing toilets, but is how much of my children I can see in the rooms they choose for their pets and how they spend their "kinzcash."

For example. The oldest one likes to have complete sets of things. He wants to own the entire "theme" room, not just bits and pieces. He saves up his money until he can buy all of what he wants and then he gets it. But he will not mix and match, it must be just like the room they show, down to the pieces in the right places. He even agonizes over pieces that might be "hard to find" or "exclusives" that he might not be able to get. He has some self control, in that he will save for the item that he wants, and he will do the work needed to get a larger reward. Just like how he wants a "bed-in-a-bag" set for his room so badly he can taste it. He wants nothing to do with his mother's propensity for buying something great on clearance and making it work. Or, heaven forbid, sewing something. Because it's just not cool, don't be ridiculous.

NOW, on the completely across the world other hand is my daughter. I can't tell you how many times she's wailed, "but MOM, I need to earn more kinzcash, because my pet doesn't have a bed!" They need a bed in order to sleep, which keeps them healthy and happy - it's a very complicated thing that only people under the age of twelve can fully grasp, I apologize. But she will sell off everything she owns and then spend all of the cash she has on something that she must. have. right. now. Until her horrible mean mother makes her stop playing and it's desperation, because she doesn't have a bed, just some strange and useless object, like a twirling tornado plant. Or a second pool. It makes me a little nervous for when she has control over actual money and has responsibility. It doesn't really look good, does it? "But, MOM, my electric bill isn't paid, and I don't have any money until payday, but have you SEEN my butt in these jeans? Totally worth it!"

And the little one, well, he just spends like his dad. "Oh, did I buy four pairs of goggles? Hmm. I forgot I had the other three in my cart. Weird!"


Barb said...

I have the perfect ebook for your oldest son! I just compiled a complete list of all the theme items in the W shop, with prices, so that you can comparison shop between there and the curio shop - Arte at the Curio shop usually sells with a Markup!

Come on over to Webkinzmom.com and download the book (it's just a pdf file)

I also have lots of information for kids and parents on Webkinz and other social networking sites for the younger kids

#2 said...

Oh, my son figured out the Curio shop was more expensive pretty quickly! My daughter, on the otherhand, buys there all the time.

I'll have to stop by your site for some fun! Thanks for commenting!